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Presenting – "The Workhorse of Two Wheeler Brake Disc Grinding- Double Disc Grinding machine from Nissei Industry Corp, Toyama, Japan."

Nissei's continuous pursuit of advanced technologies makes them the undisputed leader in Double Disc Grinding Technology.

V-5PD Double Disc Grinder is one example of such pursuit.

Nissei engineered machine V-5PD exclusively for the purpose of grinding Two Wheeler Brake Discs.

Machine is with dia 585 mm segmented stones & 3 station indexing mechanism.

V-5PD can also be offered with stacker / auto-loading and unloading as an option.

Nissei V-5PD offers unmatched grinding accuracies, visible cross hatch patterns and productivity.

V-5PD solves all inherent problems associated with brake disc grinding on conventional double disc grinders and surface grinders.

Wide range of brake discs can be processed on V-5PD machine – Dia 150 upto Dia 340 & Thickness 3mm upto 7mm depending on the selection of appropriate toolings & machine models.

Round, Wave / Petal, Hat type discs can be easily processed on V-5PD models.

More than 200 machines have been sold worldwide for brake disc application. This is special machine proven world over due to ingenuity of design.

More than 30 V-5PDs are running successfully in India.

Today almost 100% brake discs on Indian two wheelers are ground on Nissei V-5PD(SP) machine.

OEMs worldwide prefer to have their discs ground on Nissei V-5PD machines only.

Please let us know your interest.

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